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Van fits garages 3.0 meter high
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1hour charge is a min. After by 15mins if list. (min. 30mins if booked hours) . 1hour has 60 mins.
Prices for Prague city, valid max.12kms from Vaclavske namesti.
If you cancel the ride once van arrived 500-1000Kc.
Standard operating hours are : Mon - Su, 09.00 - 19.00. Outside std hours
plus extra fee min. 200Kc/hr/ helper/driver. For items heavier 100kg surcharge min.600kc per mover.
Out of Prague deliveries - quotation upon request.
Cash payments only at the moment (Flexi passes - 20 %).
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Q & A

Do I have to pay whole hour if only need 30 minutes ?
Yes, one hour charge is a minimum. I may work for you 30 minutes, but to get to you it may take 30 mins as well as 30 mins to return. So your 30 mins for me it may be 1,5hour in the end. If you drink only half the beer you also pay full price . )

If we spare time, can we pick up something else ?
Maybe, maybe not. You pay minimum one hour but I perform the job we agreed on. I plan my rest of the day according to the info you gave me, so if u need to perform the job in 30 minutes I will make my next appointment in 30 minutes plus drive and I cannot have another customer(s) waiting, because you have changed your mind. Sorry. Happy to help later.

Parking on the pavement.
Maybe, maybe not. First the van has to fit on it. No damage on the car from tree branches etc is not worth any money. Many people are angry because they "cannot" pass round the van, even if they can. I take the heat. It does not make my day much better arguing with people. Parking on the pavement is illegal at all times. It is possible other people do it all the time, but I have paid many fines for parking on the pavement. Few times the police showed up once customer closed the door. One hour job, argument with police, papering, 300Kc fine. Sorry not worth it. Half of the Police are "normal" and understand there no parking around, the other half is NOT. If I park on the pavement, you are liable for the fines.

I need to move a bed from Nusle to Zizkov. 10 minutes drive. The other day I did this move. Sunday night, no traffic at all. The move took 1 hour flat, 2 customers were helping. I was back home in 2 hours flat. So my experience is whenever I give a fixed price for just a single item, it takes twice the time it would normally. So sorry in Prague only hourly rate.

How to make sure, you will pay max one hour: Please come on time, make sure seller is home too, get the stuff ready for transportation (dismantle if needed, take away obstacles in the way, block the parking spot, do not choose peak traffic hours, please have cash. You can do any of these or all of them, just to speed up the move and save everybody´s time. I am happy when you are happy.

Van size
Big van. No 1.choice. The more space the lesser chance for damage. Maybe it will fit medium but... : Length: 3924 mm, Width: 2027mm, Height: 2320mm I have managed to move items as long as 5,5 meters, but please better consult upfront all items longer than 3 meters.

Where do I deliver ?
Everywhere where the tarmac roads are. If there are no normal roads please check first. Piercing a tire in the woods, scratching the car from tree branches etc. are hardly worthwhile the money. I am pretty sure other cars drive there normally as you did a number of times.

Heavy items / pianos:
Heavy items, over 100kg per item are subject to surcharge. Please consult prior move. Of course I moved much heavier loads but I have only one back and it is not a contest for me, I have to work tomorrow too.

Old Furniture/ Trash / Rubbish:
All trash is being delivered to official junk yards. I never just dump stuff " along the road". If you are Prague resident, you must have obcanka, they will accept most of the trash for free, if you do not have obcanka, trash dumping is subject to charge 300-500Kc. Hazardous items like paint, acid, oils are accepted only in specialized yards. For old tires you must pay at all times. If you are not coming along, the job is finished when van unloaded, not loaded. Junks yards are open from 9-18 (17.00 in winter time), Sat 9-15.00. We must be there min. 15 mins before closure.

Why arrived 2 movers when I asked just the van with driver:
Because the customer before you or after you or both required 2 helpers, hence I cannot guarantee more than one place in the van.

Full service moving:
Packing, packaging, wrapping, disassembly, assembly. Yes, happy to do all that. For boxes and wrapping material you will be asked to pay extra.

Renting boxes:
You can rent/buy boxes. Rent 99Kc per week (all boxes). Self pick up, self return. Before renting pls drop me a note with number you require, date and time. We are open Mo -Fri, 11-19h. Deposit per box is 40Kc. Subject to availability. Address : U topiren 2, Prague 7, metro Vltavska. For sale : Medium box 59Kc, Duck tape - 29Kc, Stretch folie 2,3kg (app. 300m) - 169Kc, Bubble wrap 100x0,4m - 249Kc. Delivery 399Kc.

When does the clock start:
On time we agreed on, unless I start earlier.

Can you pick me up at home:
Happy to but if mentioned in the original order. Please do not call me for pick up when you are already 10 minutes late and I am on the pick up adrress.

We accept cash payments only at the moment.

For consultation please call or text 775 165 060. s.r.o.,U topíren 860/2,17000,Praha 7,IČO:08207305,DS:2rt6ein,společnost C 314764 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze
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